IBC Service Offering


InterB Capital is a trusted independent advisory and capital formation firm focusing on private partnerships in private equity, hedge funds, credit, real estate, real assets and opportunistic strategies in both developed and emerging markets. IBC’s fund raising team represents a dynamic new channel domestically and abroad for new working capital. IBC provides a network of ultra-high net worth and institutional investor relationships that will serve as an invaluable resource in the capital raising process.

Industry of Focus: Capital Procurement

InterB Capital will selectively collaborate with clients for whom a full capital raising mandate may not be feasible. Our project management team offers these clients advisory services that mirror the rigorous due diligence and documentation assistance of broader mandates but with a more focused and select approach to the capital raising effort. In light of recent market developments, the need for institutional quality marketing materials has become paramount to fund marketing, and our team consistently provides our clients with documentation that exceed industry standards. Additionally, our clients benefit from our project management team’s extensive experience with structuring funds to determine the partnership terms and marketing strategy, which includes all materials for a successful fundraise.

Capital Raising: Our team has been dedicated to identifying, developing and maintaining relationships with smart, liquid and active investors around the world including: corporate, state and local pension plans, sovereign wealth funds, high net worth individuals and family offices, fund-of-funds, endowments and foundations, financial institutions, insurance companies and consultants. Since inception, the team has successfully raised in excess of $100MM for its clients, who represent the full spectrum of alternative asset classes. InterB Capital currently consists of over 5 professionals with coverage throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. We continue to expand our presence globally. IBC advises and executes on all aspects of the capital raising process and we understand that as general partners, our clients need to balance business operations with the demands of fundraising. With this in mind, we provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of services, including, competitive positioning and a global marketing strategy to all marketing related documentation and the various partnership terms and conditions.

Our disciplined and rigorous screening process ensures that only the best funds advance to full due diligence. The active dialogue that we maintain with our global investor base and constant assessment of current market trends helps to narrow the potential mandate pool even further, leaving only those of the highest caliber.

Product Growth Strategy

Let InterB Capital assist you with global market insights. The source of insights lies within and across your market ecosystem. IBC can act as your research firms and your strategic & tactical marketing consultants. Companies committed to growth will serve themselves well by developing systems and processes to ensure a continuous flow of market insights into their business. IBC can identify key strategies for developing the demand side of your business’s growth outside of the US markets.

Where we can help:

• New Product/Service Strategy Development
• Market Expansion Strategy
• Product Diversification Strategy
• Market Opportunity Analysis
• Competitive Market Analysis
• Market Segmentation Strategy