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InterB Capital possesses a track record of successful advisory transactions and closings. For confidentiality of our clients we will disclose some select closings on this page from time to time. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our financial capability, recent transactions, closings, domestic and international partnerships.

Financial Capability

When combined and accounting for the available capital that InterB Capital has access to, we can conservatively say that over 25B USD is available for placement and capital procurement. This capital is available primarily from the United States, S. Korea, Asia and South America.

Select Transactions

• 45M - Capital Committed via Term Sheet into a Major Technological Wireless Company
• 18M - Commitment Secured from Pension Fund for Investment into Concession Company
• 15M - Emerging Markets Capital Placement Transaction
• 30M - Capital Procurement and Equipment Financing Power Company
• 18.5M - Commitment Secured for Purchase of Commercial Real Estate Building
• 1.5M - Debt and Equity Investment in a Medium Sized Electronics Manufacturer and Distributor
• 2.4M - Ongoing Debt Facility of 2.4M Annually for a Computer Hardware Distributor